Intumescent Painting

At Bobby Farrell & Sons Painting Contractors we are specialists in the supply and applications of intumescent painting (fire resistant paint). Intumescent paints work by creating an essential delay between the time when a fire starts and when it takes hold, allowing time for people to safely escape the building and for emergency services to extinguish the fire. We apply intumescent paint to structural steel surfaces with a variety of colours and finishes available to match your existing décor.

Benefits of Intumescent Paint

There are many benefits to using intumescent paint on structural steel surfaces, including:

  • Fire-proofing – intumescent paint work as a fire proof, providing essential additional time in case of an emergency.

  • Prolonged life – intumescent paint prolongs the life of structural steel surfaces.

  • Insulation – intumescent paint acts as an insulator, protecting structures from damage and deformation.

  • Aesthetics – intumescent paint provides an aesthetically pleasing wherever it is applied but particularly on structural steel surfaces.

Bobby Farrell & Sons Painting Contractors can apply fire resistant paint to all types of surfaces, greatly increasing the safety of your building. Call us for a quote.